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Pregnant mothers injured in Weliweriya attack

2013 Aug 14

UNP says that there are children, Pregnant mothers and even elderly people who are among the casualties of Weliweriya army attack.

Pointing our that some of the journalists who were covering the event even by risking their lives have been assaulted, the UNP demands that the Govt should provide relief to those journalists whose camera equipment have been destroyed.

These comments were made by UNP media spokesman MP Gayantha Karunatileka while addressing a media meeting held yesterday (13) in Rajagiriya.

He said that that the Govt who always takes a dictatorial stance regarding the pledges of the public, provides solutions like closing the stable door after the horse has run off.

He further questioned from the Govt whether legal action has been taken against anyone who belongs to the third or fourth parties described by the Govt as those who should be accountable for the Weliweriya incident.

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