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Government attacks Jaffna Sinhala Ravaya temple-Suresh

2013 Aug 13

TNA MP Suresh Premachandran says that the TNA denies any accusation leveled against them regarding the attack made upon the Jaffna temple of the "Sinhala Ravaya".

He says that this is an action committed by the Govt to inflame a tensed situation in the Jaffna region.

MP claimed that the Govt is trying to get an advantage in the elections by creating disputes in Jaffna.

Pointing out that the Govt is trying to turn up trumps by reducing the voting percentages, the MP reminded that there have been no bomb attack reported in Jaffna during the last 4 years after the defeat of the LTTE.

He questioned how could an unidentified group be able to come from outside and attack when the whole area is still under army control.

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