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A leaflet from asking not to break ties

2013 Aug 10

A handout distributed among the people in Weliweriya reads that as a responsible society people must not break the connection with the army due to the result of a single incident.

It reads that on the 1st August, when the people lead by callus forces, were behaving in a way which disturbed the peace, as the police could not control the situation with tear gas and water shots, finally the army had to be deployed.

It further reads that the local and foreign forces who try to destroy the country are now trying to create a dispute between the public and the army by distorting the facts of the Army's involvement in the Weliweriya incident.

And it also says that the ministry of defence and the army will give a lasting solution to the drinking water problem of Weliweriya residents within a stipulated time, as a community service.

However, attempts made to query about this leaflet from the Army media spokesman was unsuccessful.


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