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The untold truth about Dhammika's killer factory

2013 Aug 10

Due to the harmful procedures of the "Vinigross" factory, which belongs to the Hayleys group under the Vice Presidency of famous casino businessman and Secretary of the Ministry Of Transport Dhammika Perera, has put the lives of the people in Rathupaswala, Weliweriya and their agricultural lands on the line of danger.

Although those who were shot were buried, the danger of thousands those who are dying slowly due to the poisonous water remain the same.

This rubber hand gloves company produces 185,000 gloves on a daily basis. For that, 5 machinery are operated illegally and every day 60,000 liters of waste liquid are released to the environment.

This factory which was started as a BOI approved project in 1994 has been given a license by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and it has been upgraded annually till 2011. But in 2012, the authority has refused to upgrade the environmental license.

It is because the factory was violating the license terms.

The BOI has approved only for a production process by using one set of machinery. The factory has agreed to dispose the waste material after properly refining.

The environmental protection license has been issued under such circumstances.

But, at present 5 sets of machinery are used multiplying the production capacity by 4 times. But, the waste refining is still done in the initial level. It has not been upgraded.

Also, this has deliberately violated the terms and conditions of the BOI and the environmental authority by expanding the factory at will.

Accordingly, this factory is maintained illegally without a proper environmental protection license and by violating the previous license terms.

But still the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has taken no steps against this factory which is engaged in a mass waste generator.

The last result of this lethargic attitude of the CEA towards not taking any measure against this factory was the loss of drinking water, health, agriculture and peaceful living conditions to the people in Weliweriya. This is a deliberate mistake done by the BOI and the CEA.

According to the assessments of land and water supply, the factory cannot be expanded to the present level. Thus the sleeping policy of the BOI and the CEA which did not take any legal action against these expansions finally resulted in the factory being a catastrophe creating monster.

It is also problematic why the CEA upgraded their license from time to time when there is no possibility for the factory to be expanded with proper waste disposal.

It means that all these institutes have succumbed to the influence of money and its result was the loss of few valuable lives to the country. The problem still remains endangering more lives.

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