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'Killing Fields Weliweriya attracts local and international disgust

2013 Aug 07

Many local and international human rights and religious organizations have strongly condemned the Weliweriya army attack.
Asian human rights commission says that the soldiers who had come to preserve peace upon orders of senior officers, have been acting as "low level criminals".

The AHRC further say that if the commander in chief of the army does not take any step to bring the officers who commanded this assault and those who executed it before a Court martial, then their "judgements" cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile the Centre for policy alternatives say that the statements made by Govt spokespersons that there is a foreign force and opposition parties behind Weliweriya attack, further adds insult to injury.

In an announcement issued by the CPA, it is said the the Govt has become an oppressor.

Even The Catholic church has condemned the attack by saying it cannot be approved.

In an announcement made by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, it is said that some forces in the army had attacked the people who sought asylum in a church.

Meanwhile Amnesty International and Journalists for democracy (JDS) organizations say that that even the international institutes who receive products also must be accountable for this atrocity.

-BBC Sandeshaya

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