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JVP accuses Army Spokesman as government henchmen

2013 Aug 07

Colombo District JVP parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti told a media conference yesterday that the Army Spokesman issued a statement after the incident that there was a third party at Weliweriya in addition to the police and army.


He accused the Military Spokesman of becoming a part of ruling UPFA’s agenda as he was issuing statements on the Weliweriya incident to cover up the government’s failure to provide villagers with drinking water.


According to him, that party was responsible for the turmoil, Handunnetti said.


"We ask the government as to why the army blocked journalists and damaged their cameras if there was a third party involvement," he said adding that the security forces should have allowed journalists to show the third party to all.


Denying government’s claim that JVP was behind the protest in Weliweriya, Handunnetti said that if there was a JVP involvement, it would always lead from the front and not behind.

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