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Rathupaswala crisis - company facing allegations issues media release

2013 Aug 05

The private company which is facing allegations from the public regarding the drinking water crisis in Rathupaswala, issued a media release today.

The communique, bearing the signature of a senior official at the company, expresses grave concerns over the public unrest that broke out in Weliweriya.

The official who notes that the factory is being run in keeping with environment- friendly standards points out that the company is key foreign exchange earner for the country.

Noting that the company is being run on an environmental protection permit issued by the Board of investment, the communique adds that it has also received ISO 14001 :2005 certification, which shows that the factory complies with all environmental guidelines.

The communique further reads that dissolved carbon dioxide as well as Iron oxide predominantly present in the Rathupaswala area, could be the cause of low pH levels in the water.

The official further notes that the effluent water released by the factory is well within the accepted standards and does not in any way harm the environment.
The official also urges the responsible authorities concerned to conduct their investigation in a speedy manner so that the company's good image can be restored.

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