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Lakbima reveals how Weliweriya became Puthumathalan

2013 Aug 03

Two people have died from the brutal attack made by the security forces to the people who were protesting in Waliweriya demanding solutions for the drinking water problem.

Nearly 30 people are receiving treatments at Gampaha and Wathupitiwala hospitals.

Army states another body of an unidentified person is lying on a place near Waliweriya town.

UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe and Western Province in charge SDIG Anura Senanayake have visited Waliweriya police and have engaged in a special discussion regarding the incident.

Meanwhile all the areas of Waliveriya town are heavily guarded by the military.

The attack made upon the innocent civilians and journalists clearly looked similar to an attack made upon LTTE terrorists.

When the protesters were shouting while burning tyres, journalists from all the media institutions were covering the incident from a storied building in the town.

And when the security force members saw this, they rushed towards journalists and made them death threats saying not to take any photos. And they also tried to rob the camera equipment.

Journalists who faced this brutal attack say that they have never seen such a brutal attack where even women and children were beaten by sticks.

Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardhan was seen directly involved in commanding the assault and it is said that even Col. Shyamal de Silva of the Army Commando regiment has taken part in this disgusting brutal attack.

It has now been revealed that the "army thugs" who beat up the innocent civilians upon the streets of Weliweriya unfortunately belong to the once Sri Lanka's most favorite 58th division who fought the terrorists from Mannar to Mulathivu.

Gunshots were heard till 8-9 pm. And the use of live ammunition were quite audible. And all the avenues to and from the town were barricaded.

It is also reported that some security officers had even abducted a group of youth who were seeking asylum of a Catholic church in Waliweriya.

Residents of Weliweriya, Rathupaswala, Galoluwa and Kahapana have become prisoners inside their own homes.

And residents claim that some of the containers which were inside the root cause factory had been secretly sent away amid the chaos. They suspect that it might have contained illegal harmful material.

People say that while beating up the innocent people who demanded pure water to drink, not taking any action against those tried to poison the people is totally unfair.

UNP MPs Ruwan Wijewardhana, Ajith Mannapperuma and PC member Harshana Rajakaruna were present at the Gampaha hospital around 11 pm to visit the patients.

And police protection was strengthened around Gampaha hospital in the morning.

It is also reported that among the patients are the OIC of Weliweriya police station and an army officer.

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