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Why shoot the public for Dhammika Perera?

2013 Aug 03

The factory in Rathupaswala, Waliweriya which made news during the past few days for being accused of releasing poisonous material to the drinking water, is named "Wingross" and it belongs to the Hayleys company.
Residents in the area say that the water sources which fulfilled the needs of people in 10 villages in the area have been polluted by the release of poisonous waste by the factory since a long time.

The majority share holder of the Hayleys company is Mr. Dhammika Perera, who is a well known Casino businessman businessman and the secretary to the transport ministry.

He is also the chairman of Sampath bank and owns the majority of shares in nearly 40 more companies.

Expressing his views to Sri Lanka Mirror regarding the summoning of army and commando Regiments to suppress the Waliweriya protest, UNP Communication division chief MP Mangala Samaraweera said that reasonable doubts occur after this shooting incident that Dhammika Perera is investing public money which the Rajapaksas had robbed from the people.

And Lakbima news paper too reports that a disappointment has occurred in the top brass of the police department about this attack.

Police officers say that this issue was handled by the police for a long time and they did not tried to assault the public at any time.

And displeasure is raising among senior police officers regarding the army for attacking the public by killing a civilian and trying to report the incident in favour of the army.

And they say that the 2 water trucks brought to do water shots have not been used.

And it is also reported that the army did not try to use the conventional riot control gear such as tear gas.

Police say shooting, beating up with clubs and stabbing with knives are not use of minimum force.

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