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'Persons like Dayasiri are accepted to get dirty work done by them' Mihin Lanka 3 year loss 13000 Million

2013 Jul 31

It has been revealed that the 3 year loss of Mihin Lanka airline company is 1373,50,00,000.

This was seen in the Mihin Lanka audit report presented to the parliament by the Auditor General H.A.S. Samaraweera.

It is said that the loss in 2007/2008 is 3,35,60,00,000.
2008/9 loss is 4,65,70,00,000 and 2009/10 loss is 5,72,20,00,000.

And further, Auditor General reported that the airline in indebted 50,00,00,000 to the aviation pvt ltd and 38,10,70,000 to a bank.

And also he has reported that many of the statistics given by the airline to the auditing are not accurate.

However, the secretary of the Civil aviation ministry has told the COPE committee that the 1,60,00,000 Rupee operational profit gained by the service is a positive sign.

But the COPE committee has ordered the airline company to produce statistics of the amount passengers who used the service.

And it was also reported that the treasury is preparing to pay the Airport services company debt on behalf of Mihin Air.


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