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Mossies make Col. Uni.Registrar, Railway foreman pay the price

2013 Jul 31

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Maligakanda Magistrate yesterday imposed a fine of Rs. 5,000 on the Senior Assistant Registrar of the Colombo University Management Faculty, for allowing mosquitoes to breed in the Faculty premises.

The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council (PHD CMC) said that in the cases taken up yesterday at the Maligakanda Court the Railway Yard Forman too had been fined Rs. 5,000.

However, a warrant had been issued for the arrest of the Manager of the China Harbour Engineering Company Project (CHECP) for not appearing in Court, Public Health Department chief Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam said.

Dr. Kariyawasam said that the number of dengue cases had increased to 1,912 from the beginning of the year till date. The numbers recorded from the beginning of July till the end of the fourth week were 351.

Dr. Kariyawasam said that there was an approximate eight per cent increase in numbers from last year. The total number recorded last year in July was over 270 he said.

The PHD Chief said that legal action had been instituted against contractors responsible for two construction sites in the land in which the Bishop’s House was situated. There were mosquito breeding sites found in the construction site. Legal action was also taken against the Registrar of Aquinas College which was situated adjacent to the Bishop’s house.

A representative had appeared in court for the Registrar. However the college still had a number of mosquito breeding places while the PHD had handed over the case to the Environmental Police which was authorised to take action against the College management if the situation persisted. He said that the risk factor increased as the Lady Ridgway Hospital for Children was situated in close proximity.

Neither the Vice Chancellor nor the Registrar of the Colombo University could be contacted for comment.

Meanwhile, the Health and Safety and Environment sources of the Colombo South Container Terminal Project (China Harbour Engineering Company Project) said earlier that teams had taken measures to control as soon as the first case was reported at the site. The Site authorities had carried out continuous clearing programmes with the onset of the rains in May this year.

They said that two private pest control teams had also been brought in as precausionary measure. However, steps were taken to inform the government health authorities as the number of dengue patients at the Site increased. The Harbour Police also carried out inspections on a regular basis to ensure that the mosquito menace was under control.

Sources said that even the PHI in charge of the Port had found it difficult to find the exact location of the China Harbour Engineering Company Project (CHECP) as the first impression on hearing the name was the China Harbour in Trincomallee. They said that visiting PHD PHIs and MoH had notified the project management to clear the construction site as it was in a mess due to the rains.

The Project management had also received a notice sent to them on the July 08 giving them approximately 10 days to clear the site. However, the Management received the letter only July 10, they said.

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