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Update database of doctors' islandwide

2013 Jul 31

By Sithara Pathirana

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA), at its Executive Committee meeting held recently had discussed the need to establish a database of doctors, and the annual transfer of doctors by adhering to the laid down rules and regulations in this regard.  

Spokesperson of the GMOA, Dr. Navin De Soysa, said: “It is extremely important that the Ministry of Health takes immediate steps to ensure that an islandwide database of doctors is compiled as soon as possible in view of the many difficulties that arise when doctors need to be contacted during emergencies. The database was being compiled over a period of time but has not included details of all the doctors serving across the country, nor has it been updated with current and relevant information. It is time steps are taken to ensure the process is reactivated and the database is complete with all relevant details as of now.”

He also said the Establishment code (E code) declares specific days to accept applications from doctors pertaining to their transfers, which are from 15 – 31 August. As such, the GMOA requested the Ministry of Health to stick to the stipulated deadlines. He further said the online application system has been found to have many shortcomings since 2012, and requested the ministry to take steps to revise the system. “The transfers are handled by the Board of the Public Service Commission (PSC) but they do not follow the guidelines stated in the PSC code in relation to accepting applications for transfers,” he added.

Dr. De Soysa said the GMOA will brief the Ministry of Health in respect of these areas of concern and request that the relevant officials take steps to ensure these issues are addressed. “The Executive Committee has taken a decision, to make representations to the President, if the ministry fails to address these areas of concern. Our report, will in turn, be presented to the Ministry of Health to be reviewed,” he said.

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