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Science teacher accused of assaulting students

2013 Jul 30

BY Ranjan Wasala


A science teacher in a leading school in close proximity to Ibbagamuwa, is in the habit of abusing his students in a brutal fashion, allegedly assaulting them mercilessly, despite parents of the children objecting to their children being subjected to corporal punishment.



Reportedly, Grade 7 students had recently been questioned on a particular topic, and as no one could come up with the correct answer, the science teacher had, got into a demonic rage and had brutally assaulted the students with a PVC rod. Some of them had been hit on their heads and necks as well, leading to one student sustaining an injury on his neck necessitating admission to the Polgolla Hospital for treatment.



Though the child had been subsequently discharged from hospital, he had had a blackout soon after, and had been continuously complaining of feeling unwell. As such, he had been re-admitted, this time around to the Kurunegala Hospital, in view of the seriousness of his condition.



The teachers including the prinicpal of the school are reportedly aware of the brutal and unbecoming conduct of the science teacher. However, nobody has taken any action against him.



It is learnt that parents of the children are helpless and are in fear that other children too may become victims of this maniacal teacher.

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