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Government losing millions in revenues from broadcasting irregularities, Sri Lanka opposition alleges

2013 Jul 29

Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) alleges that the government is losing millions in revenues due to corruption in the Telecommunications authority.

UNP parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayaka had alleged in Parliament last week that the country had been deprived of the opportunity of earning revenue amounting to millions due to irregular practices in the reservation of frequencies by radio and television broadcasters through the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC).

During question time in parliament MP Karunanayaka had alleged that the TRC, as a state institution that comes under the preview of the President, could earn a lot of revenue in the reservation of frequencies, but the influence of certain high-ups in the government had denied that benefit to the country.

In response, the government has denied that such a situation exists and has stressed that since 2006 the government had collected Rs. 109 million from the respective broadcasters.

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