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The Bribery and Corruption Commission have nabbed 36 members of Palath and Provincial Councils

2013 Jul 23

The Bribery and Corruption commission had stated that there are allegations against 36 Members of Palath Sabhas and Provincial Councils against accumulation of assets and Allegations of bribery for 36 Members of Palath Sabha and Provincial Councilsbribery charges are been conducted

It is learnt that amongst them are Mayors of Municipal Councils and Chairmen of Provincial Councils. The officers of the bribery commission had added that these members are attached to MC’s.TC’s and Provincial councils.

The officer also added that for 15 members of the Palath and Provincial Councils legal action have already been instituted. The former Supreme Court  Jagath Balapatabendige the Chairman of the Bribery and Corruption unit had added that the number of complaints received by the commission for bribery against these Members have been on the ascendancy

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