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Ven. Virat thero bombed in Myanmar!

2013 Jul 23

It is reported that a hand grenade attack had been made in Mandale town in Myanmar, near a place where Ven. Ashin Virat threo, an Anti-Muslim Buddhist monk was preaching to a group of Buddhists.

Myanmar police say that the bomb has exploded inside a car parked near by, injuring 5 people.

However, Ven. Virat thero has not been harmed.

Virat thero is a Buddhist monk who heavily criticized the Muslim extremists in the country and was imprisoned by the former Myanmar authorities for aggravating racial hatred.

Once the "Time " magazine published his picture in its cover and was even banned in both Myanmar and also in Sri Lanka.

Calling Virat thero "the face of Buddhist terrorism", the magazine had named him as a symbol of anti-Muslim Buddhist extremism.

BBC Sandeshaya-

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