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National Bus Fare Policy to be reviewed

2013 Jul 21

by Umesh Moramudali



The Ministry of Private Transport Service has agreed to review the National Bus Fare Policy, following discussions held with the bus owners associations and commuters.



Discussions were held at the ministry yesterday, in order to resolve the issues regarding the annual bus fare revision. During the discussion, General Secretary of the All Island Private Bus Owners’ Federation (AIPBOF), Anjana Priyanjith, stressed that 10% bus fare hike is very much required for bus owners and requested authorities to provide it without much delay. He also pointed out bus owners as well as regulating institutes such as the National Transport Commission (NTC) are unable to provide a quality transport service to the commuters.



Secretary to the Ministry of Private Transport Services, Padmasiri Jayamanna, emphasized that the public was moving away from the private bus industry and the bus owners need to commit themselves to enhance the quality of the service.



Meanwhile, NTC Chairman, Roshan Gunawardane, said the NTC is taking a number of steps to enhance the quality of the public transport system and added that stern actions will be taken against bus operators who violate rules and regulations.



At the discussion, President of the Asarana Sarana Passengers’ Union, Ven. Matale Sirinanda Thera, said commuters were expecting a better service from private bus operators.



However, one of the main private bus owners’ unions in the country, Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) did not take part in discussions claiming that the bus fare hike is a must and no further discussions are required regarding that.

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