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New traffic scheme will stay, say the police

2013 Jul 19

By Lal Gunesekera

The Police have decided to go ahead with their new uniflow traffic scheme in Colombo, which came into operation at Maradana yesterday (18), in spite of public protests.

The new scheme, according to some motorists from Maligawatte to Grandpass, took them at least 30 minutes longer to reach their destinations as they had to travel along congested narrow roads. They complained that they would have to waste more petrol/diesel, which would mean more expenses and the exercise would only help increase government revenue, while increasing the already heavy burden of high cost of living.

School children and office workers were the worst affected by the latest one-way traffic scheme which inconvenienced thousands of commuters. However, some motorists and commuters said there had been an improvement in the flow of traffic along the routes they had taken.

Some bus commuters complained that they had been forced to get off in the middle of the road.

Motorists also complained that due to the uniflow system, those travelling from the Eye Hospital junction, too, had got stuck in traffic jams.

SP Chula de Silva of City Traffic told The Island that the police would continue with the new traffic scheme in Maradana and maintained that there had been no problems with the flow of vehicles yesterday.

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