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Teacher mentally unstable

2013 Jul 18

Former member of the North-Western Provincial Council (NWPC), Ananda Sarath Kumara, who was recently embroiled in a controversy, over allegedly forcing a school teacher to kneel before him, for having disciplined his daughter, demanded the teacher be examined by a psychiatrist, claiming she was mentally unstable. He vowed he would quit politics if his claims regarding her sanity were proven wrong.



Standing by his assertion that he was innocent of the charges levelled against him, Sarath Kumara alleged there were political forces who were trying to bring disrepute on him, by making false allegations.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, the former Provincial Councillor said, he was confident that he would be allowed to contest at the upcoming elections.



"I did not resign from the Party; I only stepped down from my position as Councillor in the NWPC as I thought all the negative publicity would affect my Party. However, I did not leave my Party nor did they kick me out," he said.

Asserting he would soon be completely cleared of the allegations levelled against him, Ananda Sarath Kumara is also confident that he would get a large number of votes as he, according to him, is a person who has been involved with the people at the grassroots.



"The people of the area would vote for me as they know there is no one else to represent them or stand up on their behalf," he said.

He also charged the teacher concerned of not doing her job properly, and instead seeking media attention by working with trade unions.



Meanwhile, teachers' unions are up in arms over the former Provincial Councillor presenting himself for nominations. The Ceylon Teachers' Union (CTU) has threatened to engage in intense islandwide trade union action if he is granted nomination. (AN)

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