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Today parents give priority to tuition classes not to Daham Pasel

2013 Jul 18

The Speaker Chamal Rajapakse said at Mahamudalindarama Viharaya that today parents give priority to tuitions and not to Daham Pasals.

He said this at the opening ceremony of the shrine room of the temple.

He further said “today the children do not get freedom to learn the religion.  Those days we went to Daham Pasala.  But, today most are going to tuition classes. Parents do not have time to send them to Daham Pasala. From Daham Pasala we learnt how to live in the country. The Monks are doing their responsibilities. The children who go to daham pasal are protected.”

“Today there is a development in Buddhism.  So, they send the children to the Daham Pasala. “ he added

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