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Take examples from Sinhala army- BBS calls India

2013 Jul 11

Bodu Bala Sena organization says that the attack on Bodh gaya on the 7th July depicts the lack of security and inability of India.

They thus request the Indian Govt to take examples from the Sinhala army on how to defeat the terrorism.
BBS General secretary Ven. GalagodaAththe Gnanasara thero made this comment at the protest march organized by the BBS today at noon against the Bodh Gaya attack.

After the protest march, a message was handed over to the Indian high commissioner.

It is as follows..

We are shocked and dismayed to hear the Sunday (July 07) attacks on Bodh Gaya Vihara venerated by Buddhists world over. It is one of the foremost important places connected to the Buddha’s life and we express our disappointment over the lack of security that had been provided to internationally renowned place by the Indian government. The attacks indicated this lacuna clearly.
It is sad that authorities responsible to provide security had not taken adequate measures even after there had been forewarnings and intelligence reports cautioning that there could be terror attacks on the Bodh Gaya Vihara. The Bodh Gaya Vihara complex is not only the holiest site for Buddhists but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indian Government and Bihar State Government should have taken more care of the place which had been under threat from terrorists.
No civic minded person would approve or tolerate an attack of this nature. During the past history of 26 centuries Buddhism never espoused its propagation through the means of violence.
It is with utmost condemnation, sorrow and vehemence we recall that Buddhist places of worship, Buddhist Bhikkhus and pilgrims had come under attacks of various scrupulous elements in India in the recent past. These heinous crimes and letting their manifestations display nothing but India’s security nakedness before the eyes of discerning.
We the Buddhist would not retreat in the face of cowardice and call upon all the Buddhist forces world over to unite in the name of righteousness to stand against crimes against Buddhism.

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