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'RAW' behind attack on Bodh Gaya

2013 Jul 09

The Patriotic National Movement (PNM) requests from the public to act with patience regarding the bomb attack on Mahabodhi temple complex in Bodh Gaya and not to make any violent response.

If not we will be fulfilling the need of ‘RAW’ said the Secretary General of PNM Dr. Wasantha Bandara.

He stated that it could be an attack against diluting the 13th amendment.

This cannot be considered an isolated incident he said, noting that he does not consider the attack to be an act of a racist group.

In this moment India is making a certain attempt to pressurize Sri Lanka and racist politicians of Tamil Nadu and Indian central government are behind this particular attempt, he added.

Since the attack was on Bodh Gaya, they believe that certain incidents could occur in Sri Lanka. Thus the intention of India is to create a conflict in Sri Lanka in order to disconcert the Sri Lankan government.

Meanwhile, commenting on the attack on Bodh Gaya the National organizer of ‘ Ravana Balaya’ organization, Ven.Iththekande Saddhatissa thero stated that, the pilgrimages to India must be postponed for a year.

The venerable thero further stated that if the Sri Lankans postpone pilgrimages to India for a year, the traders, workers attached to transport industry and hotel owners who depend on Sri Lankan pilgrims will be affected and they will compel the central government of India. “ We will teach them lesson by showing what happens if we did not come” the thero added.

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