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Foreign employment insurance policy a hoax

2013 Jul 08

'Lanka' newspaper reveals that the  insurance compulsory for foreign employment is a total hoax.

According to the news report, all those who wish to migrate to engage in foreign employment should register themselves in the Bureau of foreign employment by paying 11,652 Rupees. It is said that this gives them insurance benefits.

However, it has been revealed that in case of a sudden accident or death, obtaining such benefits is utterly impossible.

Before the 30th March 2012, the insurance policy was given by National Insurance trust fund. But currently it has been given to the Foreign employment agency (pvt) company. This company is a subsidiary which is controlled under the foreign employment ministry.

According to the policy, a death while in service gives 800,000 Rupees. But now it has been reduced in to 400,000 Rupees.

Insurance payment have been heavily limited. And it has created a pawning racket around it as well.

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