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Sri Lankan journalists not getting the due recognition - Marxist party union leader

2013 Jul 08

Leader of the trade union movement affiliated to Sri Lanka's Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), K.D. Lalkantha says that journalists in the country have not received the due recognition for their profession.

He said that while most professional issues are being highlighted in the media the problems faced by members in the journalism profession are not given wide publicity.

Lalkantha pointed out that while there was wide publicity given to the issue of the teacher being asked to kneel by a politician, the assault on a provincial journalist by a politician did not receive the same publicity.

"The media should have highlighted the assault on their colleague, but they didn't. There was no one to speak for the journalist when he was attacked. There was no network," Lalkantha noted.

He observed that the country is in need of a strong trade union movement for the journalists to address the issues faced by them when engaging in their profession.

"Journalists need to get their due recognition and demand for justice for their colleges who have been threatened, assaulted and abducted," Lalkantha said.

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