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A Guilty Diaspora

2013 Jul 07


A guilty Tamil “Diaspora” (incidentally a name they have given themselves and originating from the Jewish cause) is doing a great deal of harm to the cause of the Tamil People of Sri Lanka. The ongoing agitation and the open statements about achieving their own separate country within Sri Lanka are leading only in one direction. It is going to turn the small minority of “rational” Sinhalese people against the Tamil cause.

The Tamil people form a minority in this country. At last census the percentage was around 11% and now due to the mass exodus sponsored by Countries such as Canada and Australia it would most probably be much lower. What are they asking for? Equal rights? Equal rights in what sphere of activity?

If it is education we all know what happened to the University examinations held in Tamil and corrected by Tamil teachers and the subsequent students in Tamil curriculum in Tamil Universities. The story when it comes to business and Government service is more of the same and the subject has been flogged to death elsewhere and by much more learned people then me.

What has happened now is that there is a “Diaspora” who has gained entry to first world countries by using the excuse of “seeking asylum”, asylum from discrimination and of course the war. The discrimination if it existed or not was a matter of opinion but the war is fortunately (or is it unfortunately) OVER now. So what of the comfortable lifestyles, the rap music and the fast cars, the latest fashions and the escape from the cast system of Jaffna? Can these people really go back to Jaffna and the Wanni? Can they stand the baking heat, the calcified water and the ultra conservatism of the traditional Tamil lifestyle? The answer is a resounding NO.

The Diaspora is guilty of enjoying the above while the poor hardworking subsistence farmer who forms the backbone of Jaffna and the Wanni now languishes in refugee camps. Did the average citizen of the Wanni ever get a chance to apply for refugee status in any one of the aforementioned countries? If you analyze the background and origins of the Diaspora you may be in for a shock. You may find that Wellawatte and Kotahena (suburbs of Colombo the capital city)feature much more often in the address of origin that Mullativu or Paranthan(towns in the Wanni). This Diaspora who has basically gone to the west under false pretences is now guilty or is it something more (fearful?) that they will have to consider going back. For what is the excuse now? They love their motherland so much and have been denied access by the fascist Sri Lankan Government and the war. Now that the war is over and the “Fascist” Government has invited them back…do they really want to go?

So what do they do? They try to exacerbate the problem. They try their best to create a backlash..Note that there was not a single incident involving any damage to a Tamil person during the “celebrations” held by the Sinhalese. This is better that the average celebrations held when a team wins a football match in the West! They continue to rake up situations from the past, the “83 riots being a favourite item on the agenda. It is over 25 years since that black day and God knows there has been much more provocation by the LTTE (Central Bank bombing, innumerable bombs in passenger trains and busses to name but a few) with absolutely no response from the Sinhala “MONSTER”.

So get real “Diaspora” and put a stop to this nonsense. If you think you will achieve anything but a negative position by continuing to rant on about how you will form you own separate country within Sri Lanka, forget it. If you can’t live in Jaffna and the Wanni under the stringent conditions that most of your children don’t even know about…continue to enjoy your Western lifestyles and face the facts that you ran away because you saw an opportunity ( a good Jaffna trait) an opportunity for freedom from the constraints of the traditional lifestyle, not to mention hard currency incomes and not for any other reason.

Remember the other side has now WON and removed the excuse for your existence. Even the UNHRC says that now !

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