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Chief Magistrate issues warrant for arrest of Logeshwaran Manimaran

2013 Jul 06

Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya issued a warrant on Wednesday for the arrest of Logeshwaran Manimaran, a member of the LTTE  residing in Britain, via Interpol.

The warrant was issued in connection with an incident where Manimaran is alleged to have obtained 32 million 871 thousand rupees from 28 ATM's within a nine hour period commencing from May 22, 2012.

Information came to light that Logeshwaran was living in England when two suspects interrogated on detention orders by the Criminal Investigations Department following a complaint lodged by the head of a prominent bank in Colombo, revealed the information during interrogation.

While Logeshwaran Manimaran had disrupted play at a recent cricket match between Sri Lanka and India at Cardiff, Wales, he had been identified through TV footage of the incident.

Accordingly, officers of the CID requested a warrant for the arrest of Logeshwaran Manimaran who is residing in Britain.

The magistrate obliged this request and issued the warrant.

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