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Sri Lanka's Higher Education Minister warns to expel protesting university students

2013 Jul 04

Higher education Minister of Sri Lanka S.B. Dissanayake has warned university students that they would face more punishments if they participate in the protest organized today by university students' unions.

The Marxist party JVP affiliated Inter University Students' Federation (IUSF) has organized a massive protest today in Colombo. Students of all universities in the country are expected to participate.

Dissanayake has said that participation in the protest would lead to more punishment for those who have already been punished.

He said that the punishment could even lead up to the expulsion of students from the universities.

However, Dissanayake added that the decision on the course of action to be adopted against the agitating students is up to the university administration, and not his decision.

The Minister urged the undergraduates to refrain from participating in protests organized by politically backed and politically motivated unions. According to Dissanayake, action would also be taken against private buses which provide transport for undergraduates to participate in the protest in Colombo. He added that the buses coming to the protest would be stopped and returned.

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