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Leadership training will continue

2013 Jul 03

by Aisha Nazim


There is absolutely no reason to discontinue the leadership training programmes just because one participant, a school principal, had died while undergoing training, the Higher Education Ministry said yesterday.



Speaking to Ceylon Today, Deputy Minister for Higher Education Nandimitra Ekanayake, said there is no reason to do away with leadership training programmes, adding that such porgrammes had been conducted over a long period of time.



"If the principal, who passed away due to a heart failure, had informed the authorities in advance about his medical condition, stating he has a weak heart, he would have been excused from physical exercises," the Deputy Minister said.



Responding to claims made by the Ceylon Teachers' Service Union (CTSU), who alleged there were no doctors stationed at the camp, Ekanayake pointed out that 'no one had found fault' over the absence of doctors on the premises of the camp, in the past.



"It is only when such incidents occur that those who like to agitate start faulting the system. When we had training for cadets, as well as other activities in the past, we did not have doctors stationed at the training centres. We have had many training programmes in the past and all of them have been successfully conducted. We see no reason to end the training programmes as these are character building exercises for teachers and principals," Ekanayake added.

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