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Govt.explains reason for delay

2013 Jun 29

In the wake of renewed pressure being exerted on the Government of Sri Lanka by Britain, with regard to the delay in the trial of the perpetrators responsible for the killing of British National, Khuram Shaikh, in December 2011, Deputy Minister for External Affairs, Neomal Perera, said the reason for so much time being taken to proceed with legal action was due to needing to be obtained statements from a large number of witnesses, prior to moving forward.



Speaking to Ceylon Today, Deputy Minister Perera, confirming that the Attorney General's Department had been notified of the matter, said, "The case is being attended to, over other cases that are pending. More time is being taken as a large number of witnesses need to be questioned."



Shaikh worked as a prosthetic limb operator for the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gaza, and was murdered while on holiday in Tangalle in December 2011, while his partner at the time, Victoria Tkacheva, was allegedly raped by the attackers. ICRC officials were not available for comment.

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