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Female principal couldn't stomach student winning

2013 Jun 29

By Vijayasiri Vidyasekara

A 15-year-old boy, studying in grade 11 of the Dodangoda Navodya School, was admitted to the Nagoda hospital in Kalutara as he had been caned by the school Principal for accepting a cash award of Rs. 15,000 from Transport Minister Kumara Welgama, for having won a Poson pandal contest.

The victim student, Ishara Jayalath, had applied for the Poson Pandal Contest held in Dodangoda, through the school. The school had won the first prize for his skillful creation.

According to Ishara, he had stepped onto the stage to receive the prize for the first place when the school name was announced for his production. Subsequently, the school Principal had come to him when he stepped down from the stage and grabbed the prize money scolding him for accepting it, instead of her.

On the following day, the principal had caned Ishara summoning him to her office. He said the principal caned him about 20 times.

Having found it difficult to face his friends after what had happened to him in public, he had secretly left home leaving a massage on the table in his house stating that he could not face the humiliation and therefore he decided to leave home.

When the parents came to know what really happened for their son to disappear, they, with the assistance of the villagers, had combed the village and were able to find him. Then they lodged a complaint at the Dodangoda police and admitted the child to the hospital.

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