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GMOA NHSL docs cry foul

2013 Jun 29

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

A group of 63 members attached to the NHSL branch of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) accused the parent union of flagrantly violating the Association’s constitution in the conduct of postal voting.

They alleged that the GMOA election committee was biased towards the current office bearers.

They claimed that in accordance with the GMOA constitution, the postal vote ballot papers should be sent to each doctor by registered post and it was illegal to openly distribute the ballot papers. They claimed that around 3,000 ballot papers had been openly distributed and some contestants had collected and handed them over to the doctors. The contestants had used the hospital courier service for that purpose, which was a blatant violation of the GMOA constitution.

They claimed that a request by more than 200 doctors for a General Committee meeting to change the elections committee had been rejected by the Executive Committee.

They claimed that the elections committee comprised members who were contesting the elections.

When contacted, GMOA Media spokesman Dr. Navin de Soysa dismissed the allegations leveled against the GMOA and said that the constitution had in no way been violated.

He said that the GMOA would not discuss its membership issues in public as they should be discussed and resolved by the membership itself. The doctors who were trying to sabotage the regular activities of the GMOA would be defeated at the next election, he claimed.

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