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S.B. Dissanayake says 'fullest support towards development of non-state higher education sector'

2013 Jun 21

Minister of higher Education S.B. Dissanayake says that the government will continue to extend its fullest support towards the development of the non-state higher education sector in Sri Lanka.
He made this statement at the first session of the British Counci|'s South Asia Series which was held in Colombo on Wednesday.
S.B. Dissanayake,Minister of Higher Education expressed the following views-

'Sri Lanka has bold vision to be a regional hub of excellence for higher education by 2020. This cannot be done quickly or in a short term. I think there has to be a base of co-operation among us with healthy competition to urge us along. We have the necessary common base for the South Asian region as a government, a higher education minister and the ministry. We are giving our fullest support to develop
the non state higher eduction system in Sri Lanka. There is a little opposition from some academics and students, but without care we are continuing this government programmee to promote the non state higher education system in Sri Lanka.'
A number of foreign delegates representing state universities
and higher education institutes attended this event which was hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education; and the Higher Education for the Twenty First century project assisted by the World Bank.

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