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India bids on 'Tamil' to colonize Sri Lanka

2013 Jun 21

By  Ira de Silva

Once again India is behaving as if Sri Lanka is not a sovereign state, and trying to bully the country solely for India’s own benefit.  The latest Indian claim is that it just wants to ensure a better deal for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tamils are not citizens of India. They are Sri Lankans, who are represented in the parliament of Sri Lanka by those who they vote for. India has 72 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu who are far worse off economically than Tamils who live in Sri Lanka so why does the Indian Government not concentrate on providing a better deal for them if they want votes in Tamil Nadu, the homeland of all Tamils?  While India claims to want to get a better deal for Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Tamils of India are poaching in Sri Lankan waters depriving the Tamils of Sri Lanka of their livelihood. If there is concern for Sri Lankan Tamils and their welfare, as a start, India should stop Tamil Nadu Tamils from stealing from Sri Lanka’s Tamil fishermen and depriving them of their livelihood.  When will Khurshid make a phone call to offer Sri Lanka an undertaking that Sri Lankan fishermen will not be harassed in Sri Lankan waters by the Indians illegal fishing?  

 The extreme violence of the LTTE terrorists, their murderous campaigns against Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims ended in 2009, after 30 years. Since then, it has been stated by Minister Basil Rajapaksa that 85 percent of foreign loans to the country was spent on developing the north, resettling people displaced by the war and trying to restore the standard of living that the Tamils in the north had before the LTTE destroyed that part of the country. This is money that has been borrowed and has to be repaid by Sri Lanka and is the burden of the Sri Lankan taxpayer. The people of Sri Lanka know that this diversion of money to the north has been at the expense of other areas, areas that were also affected by LTTE terrorism, areas where those who were terrorized, deprived of their rights, driven from their homes and are unable to return to them all over the country are still without homes, employment opportunities and means of livelihood because efforts to re-build are concentrated mostly in northern Sri Lanka. It is these people, who are the victims of LTTE terrorism, whose rights are being diluted and it is time that the Sri Lankan Government addresses their plight without delay.

After the war ended the Tamils in the north were free to live in peace and enjoy the same rights as other Sri Lankans, rights which they had, but were taken away by the LTTE. During the time that the LTTE controlled areas of the north and east with the blessings of the Indian Government as well as the so called “international community” in their efforts to help the LTTE divide Sri Lanka, did India do anything to dilute the LTTE’s fascist rule and provide the LTTE with advice on rights? As the whole world knows, it was India that created, promoted and supported LTTE terrorism to destroy Sri Lanka by dividing the country merely to get Tamil votes in India. Now the question is, what does India mean, when it asks for a better deal when the only deals that India has given Sri Lanka is terrorism, aggression and intimidation.  

It is stated that this latest Indian advice “came in the wake of reports about a small nationalist party, the JHU, planning to move parliament soon to abolish the 13th amendment”.  It is high time the GOSL clearly indicates to India that this type of “advice” is in fact blatant interference in the internal matters of another country. It is for the parliament of Sri Lanka to decide whether to get rid of or amend the 13th amendment which was forced on the country by India.  Sri Lanka has the right to reject what was forced on the country and, as indicated by the President of Sri Lanka, replace it with a home grown solution. The time for the President to act is now. The majority of Sri Lankans should call on their parliamentarians to get rid of this Indian document which did not have the support of the people of Sri Lanka, which has proved a costly mistake for Sri Lanka and provided an instrument for India and other international busybodies to control Sri Lanka. It is hoped that all  Sri Lankan parliamentarians will be “nationalist”,  vote in the best interest of the sovereignty and integrity of Sri Lanka, particularly the main opposition party which was responsible for the 13th Amendment.  

 This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Sri Lankan parliamentarians to vote for Sri Lanka. In 1987 they were herded together, transported in buses and forced by the then president to vote against Sri Lanka. Should they once again vote against Sri Lanka they will be voting against all the brave service personnel who died to regain the country from the terrorism that followed. They will be insulting all those civilians who were their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children and friends, who have died since 1987. Most Sri Lankans suffered from LTTE terrorism and should remember what the LTTE did, the Eelam created by the Indo Lanka Agreement, the actions of V Perumal and the other Indian puppets in his administration, who, with the support of India, made the unilateral declaration of independence attempting to establish a separate state with it’s own police and military.  The Sri Lankan people have not forgotten the suffering brought upon all Sri Lankans by Indian sponsored terrorism.  Can the current parliamentarians forget and still say that they represent the people of Sri Lanka?

 It is time that the Opposition thought of the future of the country, learn from the mistake they made in forcing the Indo Lanka Agreement and the 13th Amendment on the hapless people of Sri Lanka, the mistake of giving the LTTE their “Eelam” in the Vanni, belittling the Sri Lankan forces during the war and trotting the globe to canvass opinion on to how to appease the LTTE. They now have the opportunity to act to rectify these mistakes. This is their opportunity to be “nationalistic” and win the hearts and minds of the Sri Lankan voter by demonstrating that they believe in Sri Lanka, are proud to be Sri Lankan and respect the wishes of the people of Sri Lanka.

  Regarding the second counsel by  Khurshid  “to request the Lankan Army not to purchase land in conflict-hit areas”, all Sri Lankans hope that Peiris told him as bluntly as possible in diplomatic language, that it is land in Sri Lanka and that India does has no say in how land in Sri Lanka is used. It is time to dispel the Indian attitude that Sri Lanka is still a colony and that after Portuguese, Dutch and British, it is now India’s turn to administer and plunder the country.  Peiris has been faulted by many Sri Lankans for creating the impression that he is not being firm in rebuffing this type of interference in the internal matters of Sri Lanka, not stating clearly to India and other countries who feel that they can dictate to Sri Lanka, that he does not need and will not accept this type of “advice”  because Sri Lanka is not an Indian colony.
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