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Mother tortures daughter in a fit of frenzy

2013 Jun 18

By Ananda Agalakada

Buxom Millie Nona was always peeping from the window. Her ample bosom was falling almost over the window sill. She was all agog wanting to overhear the goings-on in Shanthi's house. Sometimes Millie Nona stood at the entrance to her house and pretended to be looking in the direction of the road but Shanthi knew full well that Millie Nona was prying into what was happening between her and her husband, Prasanna.

Millie Nona had a funny gait and would hobble across the road and even have a powwow with the neighbours and Shanthi had a gut feeling that the conversation was all about her. Now Millie Nona would pass Shanthi as if she did not even see her and pass by her giving her suspicious looks.

All this raised Shanthi's ire but she could do nothing about it because she could not for the world of her think what was happening inside the house.

Was it her husband Prasanna who was leaking information about their constant quarrels to the neighbours were the thoughts that were tormenting her. Her relationship with her husband was on the wane and they were constantly screaming at each other.

Five-year-old Piyumali, a chubby little girl with red rosy cheeks was already showing signs of growing into a beautiful woman. She was their only daughter and was closely watching everything that was going on around her.

Every time a commotion broke out between her parents she would eagerly listen to the arguments but her parents were oblivious to her and did not pay any attention that their daughter was listening to what was going on around her and her little mind might absorb every word that was being uttered. She did not understand the gravity of the problem.

Day by day Shanthi was losing her patience with her daughter as well. She was becoming moody and did not have anything to do with the neighbours. She ignored them being under the impression that they were gossiping about her.

She kept nagging her husband accusing him of carrying tales to the neighbours which he vehemently denied and said he had no hand in it. Prasanna also began ignoring the neighbours and becoming boorish because he was ashamed of the commotions that were going on in the house.

Little Piyumali was born to Prasanna and Shanthi after many years. They went from temple to temple appealing to gods to bless them with a baby but all to no avail. They even sought divine intervention where, they begged from god to give them a child. Since Shanthi did not conceive for a long time, her husband always thought that she was a barren woman. He blamed his wife saying she could not conceive and deliver a child.

When suddenly after about eight years, Shanthi told her husband that she had conceived, Prasanna was overjoyed and a little bundle of joy was born nine months later. The parents decided to name her Piyumali and she was the love of their lives.

They gave her everything she wanted. Even if they did not have the means, Shanthi saw to it that her husband did some extra work somewhere and bring in the extra pennies. A mother is the most lovable, and precious person to any human being in the world irrespective of any differences.

Not only humans but also in the world of animals the affection of the mother for its siblings is beyond question.

Prasanna was very happy with a daughter but his wife Shanthi was not happy over her first child because the baby was a girl. Prasanna read the newspapers as a habit everyday. There was a news item that a person needed a kidney and he had asked a donor to donate a kidney to save his life. The request was published in a newspaper by Senadeera who was a resident of Ginoruwa, Dembaraweva. After reading the news item Prasanna informed his wife about it and she thought it was a good chance for their future.

Prasanna gave a call to Senadeere and told him about his willingness to donate a kidney to him. A few days later, Prasanna and his wife decided to go to the Kandy hospital to meet and discuss with Senadeera and his wife how to donate his kidney to Senadeera. After they met at the Kandy hospital, Prasanna agreed and signed all the documents regarding the donation to Senadeera.

Later Senadeera and his wife promised Prasanna that they would give them some land and anything that they needed. Senadeera asked them to settle down in his village at Giradurukotte. Prasanna and his wife began leading a new life after being involved in cultivation. Although cultivating entailed hard work, Prasanna did not mind because it brought a lot of satisfaction to him. But now due to the cost of fertiliser and seed, cultivation was getting more and more difficult.

Although Shanthi and her husband Prasanna wanted to take up employment in a garment factory in Mihinthale they knew there was no one to care for their daughter in the house. But Shanthi dreamed about a bright future. She thought that they could not fulfil their purpose promptly by cultivating lands.

It was a chance she got and she thought that she must not get discouraged and lose the advantage of getting employment at the garment factory. Five-year-old Athukoralage Don Nimesha Piyumali, their beautiful daughter, wanted to play like any other child. She was a mischievous child at that age and always ran out of the house to play with her friends.

Shanthi, had decided to take up employment in the garment factory in Mahiyangana. After discussing with her husband she arranged for her daughter Piyumali to stay next door in the day time until she returned home from the garment factory.

The neighbours were happy with cuddly Piyumali seeing her mischief. Piyumali was talking garrulously like a parrot. She repeated word for word of what went on in her house to the ‘aunty' with whom she was staying till her mother returned from work. On many an occasion Millie Nona would hobble into the house and eavesdrop while talking to the other folk. She exaggerated in her mind little Piyumali's talk and wanted to know the true happenings in Shanthi's house.

Piyumali told the next door neighbours what she had seen between her parents on the previous day. Shanthi now suspected that it was her daughter Piyumali who was the tale carrier and conveying everything that was happening in the house.

Shanthi could not control her anger. She was now like a tormented beast. She did not know what she was saying. She began ranting and scolding little Piyumali and then in a sudden fit walked into the kitchen, took an iron rod, heated it on the embers of the hearth and held it on poor Piyumali's forehead. “You useless child”, she said, “This is why I never wanted a girl.

It was your father who wanted a girl and now see the shame you have brought to us by giving away all the information that is happening in the house. I will teach you a good lesson.”

Then she burned her daughter's forehead with a fire brand saying that Piyumali should be taught a lesson that she would never forget. Piyumali was screaming in agony and neighbours and came to her rescue.

A few days later Girandurukotte police received a tip off on 119 that a child was being tortured by her mother.

The OIC of the Girandurukotte police IP Mohan de Silva, OIC Crime SI Senaratne and a WPC rushed to the scene and arrested the parents.

Piyumali was admitted to the Mahiyangana hospital by officers of the Girandurukotte police.

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