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'Hardcore Tigers' held at Boosa want police probes expedited “ LLRC

-0001 Nov 30

Hardcore LTTE cadres detained at Boossa want the government to expedite investigations into their alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

They urged the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) on Thursday (Dec. 30) to intervene on their behalf.

A spokesperson for the LLRC told The Island that they had had an opportunity to meet 20 detainees between 10.30 a.m. and 4 p.m. as part of the on-going consultations in keeping with its mandate.

The LLRC launched its sittings last August at the Kadirgamar Centre for International Relations at Horton Place.

The official said that the LLRC had met the parents of the 20 detainees during field visits to the Northern and Eastern Provinces since last August. 

The spokesman said: "The detainees were pleased to hear that their parents had got an opportunity to meet members of the LLRC during public sittings in the North and East. They didn’t complain about the general condition of the detention facility, but emphasised the need for investigations conducted by the police to be expedited."

According to him, the 20 detainees were among those held at Boossa by the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID).  

The LLRC said that the Boossa meeting had not been a public sitting. "We wanted to speak with those who had been held on charges that they had carried out clandestine missions in the South causing death and destruction. They weren’t ordinary LTTE fighting cadres, who faced the Army on the battlefields but carried out operations targeting military, political, economic and civilian targets," the official said in answer to a question.

The police headquarters denied the electronic and print media an opportunity to cover the LLRC’s meeting with LTTE cadres, though the media had been invited by the LLRC with the approval of the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS).

Sources said that the LLRC had recommended several interim measures for the benefit of the Tamil speaking people in the aftermath of the war. The LLRC, headed by former Attorney General C. R. de Silva, recommended urgent steps to tackle the language and land issues, disarming of all armed groups, special mechanism to handle cases of LTTE detainees and ways and means of giving their families access to them.

The LLRC will visit villages in the Anuradhapura District, which were targeted by the LTTE during the war. The LLRC is likely to schedule Anuradhapura visit for late January.

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