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Action to be taken against Uni students involved in protests

Action to be taken against Uni students involved in protests

2013 Jul 03

By Aisha Nazim



Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake today stated that action will be taken against private buses which provide transport for undergraduates who are due to protest in Colombo tomorrow (3).



The Minister stated that he has requested the police and Private Transport Minister C.B. Rathnayake to advice bus owners against transporting students who plan to agitate in Colombo today. The police will take immediate action against the buses if route permits are not obtained first, he told the media during a press briefing at the Higher Education Ministry.



Speaking further, Minister Dissanayake urged the undergraduates to refrain from participating in protests organized by politically backed and politically motivated unions. Engaging in such forms of agitations would only result in harsher disciplinary action, he added.



“Students’ participation will only lead to more punishment for those who are already punished, and may even end up in expulsion. The decision as to what to do about the agitating students is of course, up to the university administration, and not my decision,” he claimed.



The ministry is working towards developing and bringing up the standards of state universities, and is constructing 60 hostels to counter the lack of accommodation for boarding students.



Furthermore, the Dayata Kirula exhibition is due to be held at the Wayamba University this year, and instead of building temporary structures for the exhibition, the government is constructing buildings which could be utilized for the university after it is used for the exhibition, Minister Dissanayake further added.

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