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President tells Mano to advice students on the differences between the struggles of LTTE and JVP

President tells Mano to advice students on the differences between the struggles of LTTE and JVP

2012 Dec 19

Struggle of JVP was an insurgency that did not demand the division of the country but the struggle of LTTE. President wanted DPF leader Mano Ganesan to explain this fact to the Jaffna University students who had alleged to have commemorated the later.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa made the above view responding to Ganesan’s appeal to the President to directly intervene in the matter of the Jaffna University students and prevent the country from slipping back into the old abyss of disunity.

The conversation occurred yesterday when President Rajapaksa telephoned to wish DPF leader Ganesan on his birthday which fell on Monday 17th.

Ganesan said that the President admitted that he has not been fully briefed about the Jaffna university issue since that minister of higher education S. B. Dissanayake is not in the country at the moment. President has assured Ganesan that he would direct minister Dissanayake to intervene in the Jaffna university students row once he returns home shortly.

Ganesan said that both JVP and LTTE took up arms against the state of Sri Lanka. JVP did not demand separation but wanted whole of Sri Lanka through armed struggle in 1971 and 1989. It amounts to separation or even more. During the rebellion JVP cadres formed their own administration in certain pockets in the southern parts of the country in 1989. They even conducted kangaroo court proceedings during their days. Can JVP cadre turned minister Vimal Weerawansa deny this?

We are a democratic party. Taking up arms against the elected state and the people is not acceptable to us. Separation is not acceptable to us. But we respect the rights of the people to commemorate the dead of both south and north.

Therefore the known difference to us is that JVP fighters were not Tamils and LTTE cadres are Tamils.

Today the Jaffna university student issue is no longer an issue of the higher education ministry. It has taken different turns after the arrests of the students. Thus, it has effectively become a matter that should be handled by the President as the defense minister. But however, Ganesan said that, President responded him by saying that the issue has been inflated by political elements and therefore he will still direct the higher education minister to handle it.

President has also said during the telephone conversation that he looks forward to solve the national question during the period of TNA leader Sampanthan.

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