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Does Jaffna youths education getting drifted?

Does Jaffna youths education getting drifted?

2012 Dec 11

The most protected religious philosophies, ethnicity and traditions are moving to an unknown path, which were in existence from the ancient society.

Jaffna youths from the past had the ambition to gain pride in the education field, and that was the superiority the Jaffna soil attained, but now there is an uncertainty whether we are in an embarrassment position by observing the path the youngsters of the Jaffna society is travelling.   
Many lessons we learnt through   internal war, frequent displacements. But we  cannot reason out displacements, and  abandoned our talents, religious philosophies and our traditions and culture.
We do not have time to lead our youngsters in the correct path. What can they do are the sarcastic remarks from the elders. Reason is the youngster in yesteryears had the ambition to achieve their goal in the education field,  but youths in this era is not at all interested which is clearly aware by the elders.
In the initial stages in Jaffna, Educationists, Intellectuals and scholars were many and what did they gain? Youngsters! Should be aware of protecting our cultures, traditions and show more concern to protect the image of our Jaffna soil, without it getting blemish. I am asking a question, whether our scholars ask you’ll to waste your precious time glued on websites and telephones.
The many poets lived in our Jaffna soil, spoke about the significance of Jaffna and its values because the unyielding confidence they had towards the peninsula, and the responsibility they had to maintain and safeguard our traditions.
Today's youngsters are moving towards a direction which we cannot say in which objective aim they are journeying.
Human without any goal is similarly like a bird without its feathers.  Human being living without any goals will feel at one time, when he turns over the pages of his past. At that time he will regret that he had lived without any goals and ultimately his life has turned out to shambles.
Advanced degrees, private education institution are many sectors which have kept its foot in Jaffna, and the educational activities have got expanded which we are able to observe. However, we are able to understand that the Jaffna youths desire and aspiration is drifting their minds on the visits of tourists which have greatly affected our youths. Due to these disturbances our young society has kept its foot in the evil path which is much visible.
Today's youth is contemplating deeply. How to live, what to do? What is good and what is bad? Whether we can proceed? In the midst of such youths, some intelligent lasses with their timeless efforts have worked hard to protect the Jaffna soil and to safeguard the much earned pride for which there is no doubt.
There are some examples which are pointed:
A Hindu College student was selected as the young scientist in the year 2010 which we should not forget.  He through his managerial talents established in the drama field and obtained the first place in national wide.
Jaffna University student due to determined attempts and training obtained the best abilities to change the Jaffna youth society’s attitude.
Jaffna parents have the responsibility to guide the young society, when social lives get transformed. They should protect them, and show efforts to eduate them to move towards the correct path without reaching evils.
Young women, mostly the school girls and teenage girls life path has modified due to changes in culture and many adversities have occurred to women. Current schools girls and teenage girls are vastly affected due to this change of traditions and culture.
90% school girls are getting pregnant in their tender age. This is astonishing information.  This clearly establishes the path our youngsters are moving?
Many questions gets cropped up, Whether Jaffna soil's identity will get faded?  Some say, the objective of destroying the politics, indulging the identify of our Jaffna soil, beauty and pride may be a political calculated approaches. One of the reason to come to this conclusion, is because government has introduced tourism entertainment events in the Jaffna soil?
Why frequent entertainment programmes are held for the Jaffna people. Where ever the racial crisis and brutality occurred, there should be entertainments to rejoice and this is only is their requirement is spoken by many. But this is not going to rejoice us, but it is completely uprooting our soil identity is the plan designed by some diplomats.
We are able to gauge from a distance and look back that we are proceeding towards the evil. From the beginning many benefits got accumulated. But where is the pride of our soil getting drifted. What is going to happen to our future?  Even the 5th grade scholarship examination was straggling behind. Compared to the results in the past, the current results was a total collapse.
Our youth’s greatest responsibility is to move towards the correct path whatever bad elements creep. At any circumstances our youths should not permit, our soil pride and identity and development to get changed.  The present youth should understand to preserve the pride of Jaffna soil, by moving towards the correct path.
Our young society is drifting away in education which is clearly we understand. But our identity pride, tradition is gradually getting charred, hence the young society should attempt to work hard to change it to a beautiful youthful society with lot of inspirations and objectives and make it as garden with many prides.  

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