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LLRC coverage similar to House: Media Minister

LLRC coverage similar to House: Media Minister

2010 Nov 12

The coverage of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission was limited and was similar to the coverage you get in Parliament, said Government Spokesperson and Media Minister Keheliya Rabukwella.

Asked why the Defence Minister refused to allow a BBC correspondent to cover the sessions of the LLRC held in Jaffna the Media Minister said, “The coverage of these sessions were limited to only a few, just like the coverage you see in Parliament, there not everyone can attend the sessions, but  they can report from outside. Even when reporting on a court case, not everyone is allowed to be in there and you can’t even record what is happening,” Rambukwella pointed out.

When contacted, Director General of the Media Centre for National Security Laxman Hullugalle stated that no reason needed to be given for refusing the BBC correspondent entry to cover the proceedings of the LLRC in Jaffna. “We don’t need to give any explanation as to why he was not allowed in,” Hullugalle said.

Members of the Commission were unavailable for comment due their commitments in the North. The BBC in the meantime, claimed that this was the second time in two months that the government has blocked BBC News from traveling to the north to cover the hearings of the war commission

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