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xPrefect assaults student in Kandy

xPrefect assaults student in Kandy

2012 Dec 10

By Kamal Suraweera, Kandy
A 13-year-old student from a prominent school in Kandy has been admitted to the Kandy General Hospital after being assaulted by a prefect of the same school, the Women and Children’s Bureau of the Kandy Police said.
The injured student had been having a conversation with a group of friends near the entrance to his classroom on Friday (8), when the prefect had allegedly taken the student by the neck and pushed him aside. The student had knocked his head against a windowpane, sustaining injuries to his head.  
The victim’s father, a Sub Inspector attached to the Kandy Police Headquarters, has complained to the principal of the school and Kandy Police.  The prefect, who is in Grade 12, will be arrested soon in connection with the assault, police said

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