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KDU will become degree-selling institution

KDU will become degree-selling institution

2012 Dec 08

The Kotelawela Defence University  (KDU) will turn into a degree-selling private institution in the near future, the Medical Faculty Students’ Action Committee (MFSAC), alleged yesterday.
A Medical Faculty was introduced to the Defence University three years ago, and had only 25 students in its first batch, MFSAC Co-Convener, Najith Indika said.
Addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, Indika revealed that the undergraduates were bound to serve as doctors in Sri Lanka’s Defence Sector for 10 years after graduating.
However, if they wished to practise privately and be released from the contract, the graduates have to pay a sum of Rs 3.1 million each, Indika claimed.
“In addition to having to pay to be released from service, the potential undergraduates also have to show that they own assets worth Rs 10.6 million before they are enrolled into the degree programme. The government claims that the Defence University has a separate Medical Faculty to produce doctors  for the country’s security forces, but the question is, why did they begin the Medical Faculty just three years ago, when the war was already over? If this was during the civil war period, it would be understandable. However, there’s no need for the defence to have separate doctors of their own as the country isn’t in a war period now,” he said.
Indika claimed that his sources had informed him of the fact that the Defence University medical degree programme would not be limited to just the security forces, but will soon be open for any student who wishes to pursue medicine.
He also claimed that eight lecturers from the Ruhuna University Faculty of Medicine had applied for Sabbatical Leave and are now lecturing at the Kotelawela University Medical Faculty. Additionally, he said one of the lecturers have now joined the Defence Academy’s permanent cadre and would not be returning to the Ruhuna University.
“Private medical universities are a threat to State education, especially as teachers from the State universities leave the universities for the private ones. Meanwhile, no steps are taken to protect free education,” he said.

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