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BTF strongly condemns the abduction Tamil students

BTF strongly condemns the abduction Tamil students

2012 Dec 05

British Tamil Forum strongly condemns the abduction and arrest of the five Jaffna university Tamil students. According to our sources, Jaffna University student representatives were detained by the occupying Sri Lankan forces, based on a complaint made against them by a newly created paramilitary operating along with the SL military.

A story was fabricated to drag the university student representatives leading a peaceful gathering into mischievous cases and tarnish the image of the struggle of the university students and to ultimately silence them.

BTF urgently calls upon the international community specially the UK government to immediately intervene and safeguard the lives of these students before it’s too late. This is further evidence of the involvement of the Sri Lankan military in controlling the democratic space for genuine protest and preventing the students from grieving for their lost ones.

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