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Sri Lanka denies Al Jazeera's images of brutal killing of LTTE cadres

Sri Lanka denies Al Jazeera's images of brutal killing of LTTE cadres

2010 Nov 12

Sri Lanka on Thursday denied the shocking new photos of LTTE cadres allegedly killed by Sri Lankan Army during the final stage of 3 decade civil war which were released by Doha based Aljazeera TV channel.

Al Jazeera recently aired images of a pile of dead bodies along with a video added on popular video content sharing website (link: showing execution type killings saying they were taken during the final stages of the Sri Lankan war between the government troops and the LTTE that ended in May 2009.

Although, the television channel said they obtained the images from an unnamed source and is unable to verify the authenticity of the photos a statement from the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said that it is ‘another Coup that has been staged to tarnish the image of the Security Forces’ of the island nation which eliminated the 21st century terrorism for the first time in global history.

“By these campaigns pro–LTTE elements are in an attempt of tarnishing the image of the Security Forces and the government of Sri Lanka. After eradicating the 30 years long terrorism from the Sri Lankan soil, various false allegations were made by the Tamil Diaspora and the local LTTE supporters with an aim of bringing back life to the destroyed LTTE organization” MCNS said with a strapping rebuttal.

“Al Jazeera Television has been telecasting a series of news items continuously since this morning (10) regarding false allegations of Human Right violation during the final stage of the Humanitarian Operation. After expressing the view of the government AL Jazeera Television stated that they cannot confirm the authenticity of these visuals and they cannot take the responsibility to vouch that the visuals and pictures are true” MCNS further said on Thursday in its release to public.

MCNS noted that each time countering the false allegations the government had proved the soldiers of the Sri Lankan Security Forces are well disciplined.

“The fake News telecasted with some pictures without any reliable source by the Al Jazeera television today also is a similar kind of attempt with an aim of tarnishing the image of the valiant government troops as well as deteriorating the process of the Lesson Learnt & Reconciliation Commission” MCNS concluded.

The government this week extended the mandate of the LLRC, the panel appointed to examine events during the war and make recommendations to avoid such repetition, by six months.

The panel started its hearing in North on Thursday the November 11th whilst the government denied access to the BBC to cover the proceedings without giving any reasons to do according to BBC reports.

The MCNS statement further said that however the government vehemently condemns and denies fabricated stories and futile attempts by unscrupulous local and foreign forces aiming to cause damage to the prosperity and the Image of the country.

-    Asian Tribune -

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