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CaFFE, CHR condemns LankaeNews attack

CaFFE, CHR condemns LankaeNews attack

2011 Feb 01

The attack, in the wee hours of Monday Morning, on the Lankaenews office, in Malambe, came in for strong condemnation from the Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) and the Centre for Human Rights (CHR).

A statement from the two organizations, condemning the attack said the attack on Lankaenews office in Malambe, Sri Lanka on Monday morning, which destroyed property worth up to fifteen million rupees was the latest attack on media, right after the end of the Galle Literary Festival (GLF) when the attention of the whole world was focused on Sri Lanka. "It is not only a serious blow for media freedom and right to information but also damns our international reputation."

The statement said:

"We believe that Lankaenews played an important role in disseminating news items which were not used by main stream media for various reasons and they were unflinching in their belief of the right to information to the people.

"However due to the same reasons they have been facing intense pressure from various sections from 2006. While cartoonist and political commentator Pregeeth Ekneligoda was abducted over one year ago, many live abroad fearing for their lives. Due to frequent threats and pressure Lankaenews had to shift their office from Rajagiriya to Malambe last year and Lankaenews journalists faced grave challenges in continuing their work.

"We assure that the main reason behind these attacks were the revelations and investigations carried out by Lankaenews. From looking at the damage done it is obvious that this was a well denned attack carried out to inflict maximum damage.

"The challenge before us now is to assure the safety of journalists who are working to disseminate information to the people, CaFFE and CHR also hope that Lankaenews will recover from this latest attempt to silence them as they have done after such previous attempts and urge the citizens who believe in democratic values to come forward and protect media institutions like Lankaenews."


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