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Northerners deprived  of remembering their dead  “ Ganeshan

Northerners deprived of remembering their dead “ Ganeshan

2012 Dec 07

Leader of the Democratic People's Front (DPF) Mano Ganeshan said that the same right extended to the JVP and the breakaway frontline Socialist Party (FSP) were not granted to the Tamils of the Northern Province to remember their dead brothers, sisters and parents. Speaking at a media briefing, of the seven-party opposition alliance known as the 'Unite Country With Power Sharing' on Tuesday (4), in Colombo, the DPF Leader said that the JVP who took up arms against the government in 1971 and 1987 and the FSP were permitted to remember their dead comrades, but the same right was denied to the northerners who fought for a cause and who were now part of history. He said that the DPF did not agree with the political concept of the LTTE on two counts, namely, creation of a separate state and achieving their goal through an armed struggle. Ganeshan said that the current turmoil in the University of Jaffna was all due to the denial of the right to remember their dead brothers, sisters and parents. He said that the slogan shouting against Chief Justice Dr. (Mrs.) Shirani Bandaranayake near Parliament recently and aligning her with the Tamil Diaspora, should be condemned. The UPFA government's stooping to such low down tactics should be condemned as well, he added. Ganeshan said that 'KP', who took over the leadership of the LTTE from Prabhakaran and collected funds from the Diaspora, was now with the government which was supporting him, therefore, the government connecting the Chief Justice with the Tamil Diaspora was regrettable. He said that such behaviour of the government would only burst on the heads of the Tamil community, rouse communal sentiments and will not help the reconciliation process.

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