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Fear psychosis in Jaffna: EPDP

Fear psychosis in Jaffna: EPDP

2011 Jan 05

Government Minister and EPDP leader Douglas Devananda told Parliament yesterday a fear psychosis had gripped the people in the North due to the alarming crime wave prevalent in the area.Mr. Devananda who is the Leader of the EPDP told the House in a statement that people looked forward to a peaceful environment after the end of the war.
However, the Minister said people were in fear whether their areas would slip back to violence again.

“People fear whether their area will be stained with blood again.It is the general fear,” he said.

Also, he said he did not intend to embarrass the government internationally by raising this matter in the House.

The Minister said the security authorities should arrest this dangerous trend by bringing the perpetrators to book.

“The security authorities should be able to take action with regard to cases with evidence,” he said.

Besides, he asked the media to exercise due care when reporting about incidents in Jaffna.

WASL concerned over abductions,  killings in North

The ‘We Are Sri Lankans’ (WASL) organization backed by the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) yesterday, held the security establishments of the country responsible for the string of abductions taking place in the North that had led to an atmosphere of fear in area.

WASL Executive Committee member – Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) Convener Udul Premaratne said WASL ...

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the Tamils in the North were living in terror due to the increasing number of killings that have been continuing for the past few months.

“There have also been a large number of abductions, robberies as well as rapes. It should also be noted that the majority of individuals who were killed have directly criticized the political decisions and activities of the Government,” he added. According to Premaratne, Deputy Education Director, Manikkam Sivalingam who was killed on December 26 had openly criticized the Government’s move to allow the National anthem to be sung only in Sinhala.

Premaratne questioned how these crimes were taking place in an area where a stringent security network was in place. “These crimes are committed in broad daylight and so far no proper Police investigation has been carried out with concern to these killings. “

He also criticized the Government’s decision to allow the National Anthem to be remained only in Sinhala. Premaratne asserted that the number of school dropouts was increasing by the day in the North and the percentage of children attending schools were heavily decreasing due to the irregular resettlement programme and the heavy military presence in the areas.

Premaratne also urged the government to take immediate measures to put a stop to these killings as it would only result in another struggle for a separatist struggle in the country.

A man goes missing

Adding another link to the chain of abductions and disappearances, a father of five children has gone missing in Urumpirai.The sister of the missing man has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, Jaffna saying that her brother Mahalingam Amirtharajah aged 35, a resident of Yogapuram,Urumpirai has been missing since Monday evening.
The man is a casual labourer. He had  left for work on Monday and not returned, according to the complaint.

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