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Do not act against the recommendations of the LLRC Report, requests Mano Ganeshan

Do not act against the recommendations of the LLRC Report, requests Mano Ganeshan

2012 Nov 22

Leader of the Democratic People's Front, Mano Ganeshan called on the government not to go against the LLRC Report.

He said this during a media briefing in Colombo Wednesday, with the participation of several other political representatives.

"The people living in the North do not need a Tamil army, be it male or female. What the Tamil people want is a Tamil Police. Strengthen the police and create a Sri Lankan force where there will be room for the Muslim and Tamil people.''

''This is not true national reconciliation. This is why I say, do not act against the recommendations of the LLRC Report. The LLRC Report is yours, not ours," stated Leader of the Democratic People's Front Mano Ganeshan

"The cabinet ministers are going against the President and speaking about the 13th Amendment. Why cant the government say that as the rulers of this country we have promised the Indian government, the international community and the UN a 13 plus solution? The government is becoming a set of jokers, even nature cannot bear the lies that they are spewing in Parliament.''

''The people should bring an impeachment motion against the government and not the Chief Justice. The charges will be nearly a kilometre long because there is so much of corruption.." stated the Leader of the Muslim Tamil National Alliance Azad Sally

"They tell the world that they are going to bring forward a solution which devolves power and which the Tamil people can be happy about. However, we know that underneath this posturing they are attempting to destroy even the little power that has been devolved.''

''But we should realise that power has already been devolved through the 13th Amendment. This  devolved power has even stalled legislation brought forward by the government,'' stated Leader of the New Samasamaja Party Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne

''The impeachment motion against the Chief Justice is completely politically motivated. An MP who was part of the group that signed the motion and handed it over to the speaker has said that it was brought because of the verdict against the Divi Neguma Bill.''

''We are completely opposed to this system. It is not suitable for something that should be done by court to be done through a Parliamentary select committee. Therefore what we can see now is that this current system, is both illegal and unconstitutional,'' added TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran

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