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CHR Final report on LLRC: The Wait for Justice

CHR Final report on LLRC: The Wait for Justice

2011 Nov 15

Executive Summary

Center for Human Rights (CHR) believes that civil society participation is crucial in converting testimonies into lessons learnt, and to push the government into adopting modern narrative techniques combined with expert knowledge guided by correct terms of references to achieve this. We believe that what is needed is a correct  working definition for reconciliation suitable for Sri Lanka conditions. Further, there is a need to convert lessons learnt into policies without sending those reports into back burner, like what has happened in the past. There is no assurance that the LLRC report will not follow this path, unless we build a consensus among the general public that the recommendations of the LLRC should be carried out.

Moreover, there is a need for a true reconciliation process which is a change management process in the terms of modern organizational science, to involve the society in deliberating facts and circumstances parallel to official reconciliation deliberations.During the initial phase of the LLRC proceedings we observed that there is no involvement of masses in this process and no proper media involvement for required social engineering.

It needs be noted that there was virtually no coverage for LLRC outstation sessions by mainstream English and Sinhala papers. Therefore CHR has stepped up to the task by observing the LLRC sessions, both in Colombo and outstation, and raising awareness among the public as a mechanism for bridging this gap. We have been campaigning to introduce a comprehensive reconciliation building process which incorporates people’s experiences, conversion of these experiences to lessons guided by a proper Terms of Reference, development of proper policy regime and action plan based on true lessons learnt and finally generate wide discourse among the masses for a change that will bring stability and legitimacy.

CHR, Sri Lanka has in its own way been been able to rectify certain aspects of the LLRC process since the beginning of LLRC. This final report is based on our experiences of that interaction, interventions and our final bid to have an affect on the LLRC’s final report which is planned to be out on the 15th of November 2011.

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