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Chanel 4 & Darusman Report Designed to convince fools

2011 Jun 28

A transport of Jews from Subcarpathian Rus is taken off the trains and assembled on the ramp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

By Jayantha Gunasekera  (President’s Counsel)

Geoffrey Van Orden heading a group in the EU Parliament said, "we regret that we are having this debate today. I suspect that it has been prompted by extremist elements in the Tamil diaspora - the same people who have helped to sustain the LTTE terrorist campaign over many years, through political activities and funding, often from the proceeds of crime. Instead of trying to bring together the peoples of Sri Lanka, there are those that seek to continue a campaign of hatred and division. They see this Darusman Report as a weapon in this campaign and just want to put the SL government in the dock. This approach is malicious and counter productive."

He further said, "let us do all we can to support the government of Sri Lanka, instead of attacking them." He urged the EU Parliament to remain vigilant concerning those that seek to reignite the embers of LTTE terrorism. "I call on the EU and European governments to be more active in dealing with extremists in our midst," he added. This position was confirmed by the German MEP, Thomas Mann.

Intellectual capacity

Representing the European Conservatives and Reformists the MEP for UK, Dr Charles Tannoch said, "the report is a far cry from the reality and was heavy on criticism but light in substance." This appears to be a direct hit on the intellectual capacity of the mediocre former Attorney General of Indonesia, Marzuki Darusman and also a hit on the other two panelists, Yasmin Sooka of South Africa and Steven Ratner of the USA.

Dr. Tannoch further said, "Sri Lanka has finally achieved peace by defeating a ruthless terrorist organization as the LTTE, which had rejected all peace bids made by the government. The word genocide is being mentioned by some, even without knowledge of its meaning." He questioned the Socialists and Greens, asking, "How anyone could accuse the Sri Lanka Army for genocide, of crimes against humanity, when the same army rescued more than 300,000 Tamil civilians from the LTTE, and have now helped re-settle most of them."

As regards Channel 4 (Killing Fields), the UN’s own specialist Grant says it has been manipulated. When the UN’s own expert is of this view do we need more experts?

War crimes

The shots in the video clip could well be treatment meted out by the LTTE in army uniform, to those Tamils whom they classified as traitors. One cannot differentiate between a Sinhalese and a Tamil. Killing and mass scale extermination was the forte of Prabhakaran and his LTTE.

They were not human beings but animals in human form. Yet there are some Sri Lankan traitors both here and abroad who glorify these killers. We have to remember the mass scale extermination of the Jews by Hitler’s Nazis. They shot films of Jews stark naked - men, women and children. These films were unearthed from the German Archives after the defeat of the Nazis. If the Channel 4 video clip had been genuine and authentic, why should they have waited for two solid years to release it? Why didn’t they release it in 2009 itself when they canvassed the Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2009? Geneva turned down the request regarding war crimes due partly to the absence of cogent and compelling evidence to prove any complicity as far as the SL Forces were concerned. Geneva exonerated SL in 2009, and now rather belatedly the LTTE diaspora are re-canvassing this same matter two years later, armed with the fabricated Darusman Report and the doctored Channel 4 video clip.

A well-known principle in law is ‘Autrefois Acquit’ which means, once exonerated, he remains exonerated. You cannot agitate and re-agitate.

Criminal Law in any democratic country recognizes the promptness of placing material. The video clip in Channel 4 was non-existent in the 2009 inquiry. The LTTE diaspora and the Channel 4 have taken two years to doctor and fabricate material in order to bluff the dense intellectual mediocrities, who would believe any trash they see on films; or is it that the LTTE diaspora have wielded attractive and enormous influence on these Western politicians?

The best judges of whether 40,000 Tamils were slaughtered by the Forces are the Tamils themselves, who were kept at gunpoint as human shields by the LTTE. If as much as 40,000 were killed, would they have voluntarily run for protection into the areas controlled by the Army? This itself gives the lie to the canard.

Are the Western politicians who shed crocodile tears and cry for justice, such idiotic fools? Have they asked themselves the question - will they run for protection to the areas controlled by the Army, if 40,000 of their people have been killed by the Army? These Tamils held by the LTTE as human shields were the best judges of the ground situation.

The LTTE diaspora allege that 40,000 innocent Tamils were killed in the space of a few weeks in the last stages of the war. The unintelligent Western politicians, the Darusman Panel are like parrots mentioning the recurrent number of 40,000.

Sri Lanka invites these Western politicians and the UN officials to strain their brains and ask themselves the question, where are the dead bodies of these 40,000 and what are their names? The answer is that this is a fictitious and imaginary number fabricated and concocted by the LTTE diaspora, like the video clips they doctored, knowing fully well that the present day Western politicians are a set of fools who will believe anything they are shown. Do they think that 40,000 bodies can be made to vanish into thin air, without a trace? Where are the graves?

The Germans built gas chambers in the concentration camps they had constructed in Auswitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka etc. These camps occupied acres of land. Not only did these camps have gas chambers, but they were equipped with incinerators to dispose of the dead bodies.

The Germans transported the Jews in trains and gave them the impression that they had to go into these camps to be cleansed and bathed. This was to prevent panic and hysteria. When the taps were opened in the bath houses, it was not water that came out but gas, which killed the Jews within minutes. The bodies were then put into incinerators and burnt to ash. This process went on for years, and not weeks. Even after the war, there was positive evidence that such large numbers were killed and disposed of.

Where is the evidence that the Western politicians can adduce for S.L. to be taken before a War Crimes Tribunal? If they are such gentlemen why don’t they ask that Britain, US and NATO forces be taken before a War Crimes Tribunal for blatantly killing un-armed civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya?

The Americans who now cry for human rights, dropped Atom Bombs from the aircraft ‘Enola Grey’ piloted by Capt Tibbets on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, instantly killing 250,000 innocent Japanese. Millions of Japanese perished over the years from the resultant radiation. One law for Westerners, and another law for Sri Lanka. Lt Col Lawrence Smith was the Defence Attache in the American Embassy in Colombo and had 1st hand information about the end of the war more than Darusman Panel, Navaneetham Pillai and even the LTTE diaspora.

He was a man on the spot. In the words of the US Embassy’s own Defence Attache Lt Col Lawrence Smith, a fearless and impartial military officer, "I have been the Defence Attache here at the US Embassy since June 2008. Regarding the various versions of events that came out in the final hours and days of the conflict, from what I was privileged to hear and see, the offers for surrender that I am aware of seemed to come from the mouthpieces of the LTTE’s Nadesan, K.P - people who weren’t and never had really demonstrated any control over the leadership or the combat power of the LTTE. So their offers were a bit suspect, anyway, and they tended to vary in content hour-by-hour, day-by-day. I think we need to examine the credibility of those offers before we leap to conclusions that such offers were in fact real. I think the same is true for the version of events.

It’s not so uncommon in combat operations in the fog of war as we all get our second, third, fourth-hand from various commanders at various levels that the stories don’t all seem to quite match up. But I can say that the version presented at this seminar is what I heard as I was here during that time. And I think I’d better leave it at that before I get into trouble."

No sooner he made these truthful statements the US State Department dissociated itself from him, their own military and defence attache. This means they want to hide the truth and put Sri Lanka in the dock on false and fabricated material.

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